Standard Inclusions

Best print quality due to 6 bit printing

  • see comments by BLI on tests done
  • 6 bit printing (compared to 1 bit or 2 bit by rest of market) to give superior colour prints on gradation
  • Create ICC profiles
  • Print upto 300 gsm
  • Banner printing

Fastest spooling speed due to 4 gb RAM, 250 gb hard disk, 2 x 800 mhz processor, 1000 baseT ethernet combination

Fastest and best duplex scanner in class (80 ipm speed)

  • Auto blank page removal in scanning
  • Scan and print for all IT environments including Macs and PCs
  • industry standard PCL , Post script drivers
  • Scan and print to iPhones, Android phones, iPads, other handheld device
  • Scan & print to USB
  • Scan to compact pdf (reducing network congestion), jpeg, tiff, email, folder, ftp etc, powerpoint
  • Single pass duplex scanner with speed of 160 ipm (optional on some devices)
  • Scan to OCR - word , excel, powerpoint, searchable PDF (optional on some devices)
  • Scan to PDF/A (optional on some devices)

Best build and IT architecture

  • Most reliable device in the market
  • Works in all IT environments, PCL, Post script drivers, ipad, iphone, Android apps –Industry standard drivers have significant technical and practical advantages over proprietary drivers offered by some vendors
  • Open API – allows integration with ability to integrate with CRM / ERP platforms, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Document Management , zonal scanning and various other software applications

Best user interface and simplest to use – one touch buttons on iPad like screen, flick-drag like an iPad,– customisable grab-drag-flick style as in latest handheld devices, superior design and looks

Carbon printing - make multiple copies of documents on different pages , get rid of dot matrix printers, 2 / 3 part stationary

Proximity sensors

Most environmentally friendly – life time developer, self learning timer, eco meter, lowest noise levels and other features

Most reliable device in market as per BLI tests

Winner of “Line of the Year” awards for 3 years in a row

Rated leading product in industry by Gartner

Optional Inclusions

  • Scan to linearised PDF –optimized PDF format for displaying documents on the web (A linearized PDF is structured in a way that allows the first page of the PDF file to be displayed in a Web browser and while the user is viewing the first page, the remaining pages are downloaded from the web server.)
  • Large capacity paper cassette 1 x 2500 sheets
  • Standard capacity paper cassettes 2 x 500 sheets
  • Inner Stapler Finisher
  • External Stapler Finisher
  • Saddle Stitch Booklet finisher
  • 2 3 /4 hole punches