Case Study

Case Study Archers College

Located on Flinders Street in Adelaide, Archer College is an Australian based accredited Education, Learning and Development Organisation, servicing individual learners and corporations through outsourced training projects.

As an online learning organisation offering a wide variety of courses, Archer College provides fl exible delivery of training, their point of difference being a unique world class Learning Relationship Management (LRM) model. The LRM model acts as a framework for integrating current communications media with innovative learning processes, which in turn maximises participation and increases the effectiveness of the workplace as a training location. Requirements Looking Read More..


Case study Asia Pacific Travel

In 13 years of service to the travel industry, New Asia Pacific Travel has experienced substantial growth in its core business of inbound journeys to Australia for Chinese travellers. More recently, by offering exciting new adventures to India, Vietnam and China, New Asia Pacific Travel has found new markets for its travel clients, despite the global downturn.

With this expansion in business, NAPT discovered that its print facilities were unable to cope with the new demands in volume and speed. The company called Konica Minolta to discuss a complete new solution to these problems. Read More..


Case Study Parasol

PARASOL was created on one simple premise; to provide high-quality, fl exible fi rst aid and Occupational Health and Safety training solutions for major corporate and government organisations in Australia. Since its humble beginning in 1996, PARASOL has grown into a leader in the fi eld of fi rst aid training. PARASOL’s clients include Good Start, Mitsubishi, Pacifi c National and Best & Less.

Owner, Peter McKie built the company from scratch, initially running the business out of his garage in Monash, ACT. One of the early challenges as PARASOL quickly expanded was producing a large quantity of pamphlets, brochures and information booklets to be used by the staff, as well as clients. „We owned Hewlett-Packard offi ce printers and scanners which could not keep up with our increasing workload,„ explains Peter. Read More..


Case Study Sponge Agency

„Sponge Agency„ is an independent, 100% Australian owned communications consultancy company based in Sydney. Its team of advertising and marketing professionals have experience and expertise working with some of Australia’s largest brands. Sponge only recently converted to Konica Minolta and is already a huge advocate of the brand and its product and feature advantages. Read More..


Case Study Testimonials Port Financial Group

Working in the finance industry as finance brokers dealing with mortgages, car and equipment finance, we handle large volumes of important documents for our clients. We need to scan and email documents, especially mortgages, at a rapid rate. Our clients expect us to receive large contract documents for property and equipment sales and forward them on very quickly. Read More..


Case study bae systems


INDUSTRY >> Technology

A ’think outside the square’ approach is what differentiated Konica Minolta from its competitors.


BAE Systems Australia employs approximately 2,600 people, supports customers at more than 50 locations across the country and has its centre of operations in Adelaide, South Australia. It has key skills in engineering and systems integration and is a leading supplier of electronic warfare, communications, military air support, software and support services to the Australian Defence Force. Read More..


Case Study Flash Logistics

For business owners Steve Leyten and Erik Poll, fast and efficient service delivery is what has made their business the success that it is today. They turned to Konica Minolta for solutions to keep their operations running smoothly.

Flash Logistics began in 1991 as a logistics operation with a single van and a mobile phone. In less than ten years, Steve and Erik grew their business to service over 65 manufacturing companies, offering warehousing, pick-up, packing and refrigerated road freight to all major supermarket chains throughout NSW. Flash Logistics now employs 22 full time staff and 12 drivers, providing a service that frequently betters the larger supermarkets’ own warehouse delivery in speed and quality.Read More..


Case Study Pent Net 31.08.11

Established 14 years ago, Pent Net is an independent IT software and services organisation that provides comprehensive web-to-print solutions to a range of industries including the printing, prepress, advertising and publishing industries.

Read More..